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Delivering the only solutions built to meet today’s cybersecurity needs

Technology evolves at a lightning-fast pace, and cybersecurity threats are never far behind. As vulnerabilities pop up, cybercriminals jump at the opportunity to exploit them. Your TSP needs to act fast to keep up. Bad news: the tools you used in the past don’t stand a chance.

With ConnectWise’s Security Management software, arm your team with the latest tools to gain an edge against today’s challenges. Uncover risks across your clients’ entire business. Comb the shady dark web for stolen credentials. Monitor, detect, and respond to threats across endpoints, networks, SaaS apps, and more. It’s a scary world out there. Are you ready to defend your clients against it?

ConnectWise Security Management Software
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Advanced threats need advanced tools, and it doesn’t get more advanced than ConnectWise Fortify. Go beyond basic cybersecurity protection to monitor networks, discover vulnerabilities, secure endpoints, all with the backing of a 24/7 global SOC staffed with security experts.

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All meaningful security conversations need to center around risk. What better way to start that conversation than with a risk assessment from ConnectWise Identify? Uncover risks across your client’s entire business to get the ball rolling and start protecting them from every angle.

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StratoZen provides active cybersecurity defense, comprehensive threat detection, intelligent response, and simplified compliance. This all adds up to help solve the most common cybersecurity challenges facing today’s TSPs.

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The more you know about threats, the better you’ll get at stopping them. Perch takes threat intelligence to the next level by automatically uncovering suspicious activity across your networks, and certified threat analysts work around the clock to escalate real threats to your team for remediation.

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Unified Management
From RMMs and remote control to reliable BDR, ConnectWise’s Unified Management software delivers the technology you need to keep your clients running smoothly, anytime, anywhere.
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Business Management
Break free from inefficient business operations with ConnectWise’s Business Management software. Robust tools and unmatched insight make running your TSP make sense.
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Expert Services
From a single tech to fully staffed support teams, ConnectWise’s Expert Services extend a helping hand to help you meet your support and service needs without all the hiring headaches.
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What can ConnectWise’s Security Management software do for your TSP?

For starters, you’ll get access to the most comprehensive collection of security offerings on the market. We've built our Security Management software to meet the unique needs of today’s TSP. We go further than just being another tool to throw at the problem and hoping it catches everything. We’ve all been there and done that. It’s what got us here in the first place.

ConnectWise’s Security Management software uses a secret weapon to fight cybercrime: data. More specifically, security intel pulled from advanced intelligence and SIEM services. This valuable information gives us better insight into threats and attacks to distinguish the real ones from the false alarms. This, in turn, leads to building and improving the solutions you’ll use to monitor and protect endpoints, networks, SaaS applications, and more. All that monitoring leads to more data, which leads to more software improvements. Get the picture?